Bev Conolly named Honorary Gainesville Supervisor

April 13, 2015

On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, during a Town Hall Meeting held at Bull Run Middle School, I was honored to present Bev Conolly with our first ever Honorary Gainesville Supervisor Award for her lifetime of dedicated service.

You would never guess by her gentle demeanor that she has had a life of one adventure after another. Bev is self-described “perennial student.” Her life story is a compilation of patriotic duty, service, and lifelong learning.

Bev was born in Cleburne, Texas and raised on a cattle ranch. Her father was the youngest Alderman ever elected in Cleburne and served in that position for many years. He taught her that the four most important things in life are, in this order, God, country, family and friends.

Bev has put into action the teachings of her father serving in embassies and consulates around the world. She has lived in Japan, Egypt, Venezuela and Uruguay. Bev speaks the languages of several of those countries; namely, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish.

While in Japan, she rode horses at the Palace Stable with Prince Akihito and set high jumping records that still stand today. In Egypt, she was the Head of Security for the Embassy. In Uruguay, she hosted Rosalyn Carter on her visit to that country.

Later she had the opportunity to work with almost every President of the United States from Lyndon Johnson to George Bush, Sr. And she’ll tell you, she knew George W. Bush while he was growing up. Bev covered the McCarthy Hearings for President Johnson, and she worked on the campaign for Ronald Reagan before she had to leave because her son was in a terrible accident.

In addition to her contributions in politics, Bev is also a published author, an inventor and holder of a patent, professional genealogist, song writer, with over 200 songs to her name, an art collector, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

To this day Bev is still politically active. She continues to write letters and emails to all her representatives. She strongly believes you must be involved in goings on of your community from your Homeowners Association to local politics. She says, “If you’re not involved, don’t complain.”

Pictured: Bev Conolly and Supervisor Candland