Olive Branch Baptist Church honored as Gainesville Hero

September 19, 2014

On, Sunday, September 14, 2014, I had the honor of presenting a Gainesville Hero Group Award to the Olive Branch Baptist Church at their 145th Anniversary Celebration.

For 145 years the Olive Branch Baptist Church has been a primary influence for good in Haymarket, Virginia.  The Olive Branch Baptist Church has established community outreach programs to help those who are less fortunate:  the needy, the elderly and the disabled.  Through many acts of charity, they have reached out to the community whether it was a need for life’s necessities, for counseling or for temporary financial assistance.

There are many examples from their long past of ways the church has had a tremendous impact on the community. Some examples of their service include the donation of clothing and gifts each Christmas by generous members of the church to afford those less fortunate a part of Christmas they would not otherwise enjoy. The church also works with community organizations to provide counseling for families and individuals who have fallen on hard times.

Throughout their 145 year history, the Olive Branch Baptist Church has been blessed with devoted members with a strong sense of community. Congratulations to Pastor George W. Farmer and all those who participated in celebrating the church’s 145 years.

Supervisor Candland and Reverend Jeffrey Floyd