Kristin Falcon, Dick Powell, and Sandi Sale Honored as Gainesville Heroes

April 3, 2014

On Wednesday March 19, 2014, during a Town Hall Meeting held at Heritage Hunt, I honored Kristin Falcon, Dick Powell, and Sandi Sale for their service to the community with a Gainesville Hero Award.

Kristin Falcon is the former President and later Vice President of Heritage Hunt Women’s Organization. The 300 member organization raises funds to donate to various charities in the county.  Collectively, they raised about $10-15,000 a year from membership dues, monthly raffles, yard sales, book sales and several other fundraising activities.  Additionally, the Women’s Organization plans food drives and donates the food collected along with any money donated to the Haymarket Food Pantry. The group also does drives for school supplies for local middle and elementary schools. of several organizations within Heritage Hunt. The group also offers a scholarship and for three years one local female student receives help with college tuition as a result. Kristin also enjoys volunteering at Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center. She recently helped organize a very large and very successful silent auction that raised over $4,000 for Rainbow. It was at this fundraising event that Kristin was named “the silent auction queen.”


Dick Powell is the Chair of the Heritage Hunt Emergency Preparedness task force. As the chair for the past 12 years, Dick has had the pleasure of leading many emergency volunteers. Currently, there are 87.  He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and served in the Army for 24 years. You could say being prepared is in his blood. Dick formed the group after September 11, 2001. Dick was in the first FEMA run county CERT class.  Because of his training Dick and his Emergency Volunteers or “EV’s” have implemented a robo call like system where 80% of Heritage Hunt residents are notified of an emergency within minutes. Dick was also instrumental in the addition of three more AED machines and their strategic placement throughout the community as well as organizing CPR and AED certification classes twice a year to anyone in the community. Currently, there are close to 280 residents trained in CPR and AED.  The task force, under Dick’s leadership, geographically divided Heritage Hunt into three zones and created fixed community information points at each zone for residents to give and receive information in any type of emergency.  Additionally, they divided the fairway into three sections and listed each area with the address of the home nearest the section to ease fire and rescue’s efforts to get to an emergency on the golf course. The task force also worked to get an electronic gate installed at the back entrance to the community so fire and rescue can access it with a radio signal. Prior to the massive snow storms of 2010, the task force did a survey of the 193 fire hydrants in the community and mapped their location. Once the snow fell, they were able to mark each hydrant with a red marker so fire and rescue could locate them in an emergency.

Sandi Sale, an Adjunct Professor at NOVA Community College has devoted countless hours to the betterment of the citizens of Prince William County. She lives by the standard that, “if you don’t like something, then roll up your sleeves and do something about it.” She recently involved her students in a shoe box drive for homeless shelters in the county. Sandi noticed local shelters would reach capacity each night and people were turned away. She felt more needed to be done. She organized a shoe box drive with the help of her students at NOVA Community College as well as the residents of Heritage Hunt. Her students collected shoe boxes along with food, mittens, socks, flashlights and other items to fill the boxes. Coats, and other essentials were also collected. In all about 60 shoe boxes were assembled and wrapped to look like Christmas presents to give away to those turned away each night.