Putting Prince William County Families First Budget

March 13, 2013

Supervisor Pete Candland is introducing a FY 2014 budget proposal that holds county spending at FY 2013 levels and provides relief to taxpayers. Candland is unveiling his innovative proposal today and will post it online on his website, www.SupervisorCandland.com.

“This new budget guidance is called ‘Putting Prince William County Families First’ because I understand that families are still recovering from the effects of the Great Recession and we need to reduce the tax burden they are facing,” Candland said. “The time has come for us to focus on the economic needs of the families of Prince William County.”

“In the last two years county government has increased spending by more than $40 million and increased revenues from real estate taxes by nearly 10%. Due to the uncertain economic outlook we are facing with Sequestration, increased Federal taxes, and the rise in the cost of living, I am proposing a plan that reduces the growth of county spending and focuses on core services,” Candland continued. “Families in Prince William County are cutting budgets, reducing spending, and making personal sacrifices to protect their families, and it is time for the government to do the same. We need to put more money back into the pockets of the families.”

This new budget guidance will keep average tax bills flat at the same level of FY 2013 tax bills. It also reallocates money to increase funding to the core priorities of local government – education, public safety, and critical infrastructure.

A major element of this proposal is the new “Quality Education Grant” offered to the School Board that will match dollar-for-dollar all new funding that goes directly towards decreasing classroom sizes or increases teacher merit pay. If the School Board accepted the challenge, it would put almost $50 million in new funding to these critical programs in this year alone.

“It is time that we address the issue of the overcrowding in our classrooms and ensure that we’re paying our teachers a competitive wage. With the recent reports on PWC schools poor performance on average SAT scores and the low number of National Merit Scholar Quarter-Finalist nominees, it clearly demonstrates we need to take bold action.”

The Putting PWC Families First budget guidance also addresses public safety by funding the hiring of 24 new fire and rescue personnel, 20 new police officers, and 15 new School Resource Officers.

Finally, the proposal invests in the community infrastructure with park funding to bring more recreation facilities on line for families.

Candland added, “This plan is a collaboration of listening to the families of Prince William County as well as listening to the concerns of my fellow members of the Board. I believe that this guidance addresses many of the needs and shortfalls of our core priorities while providing much needed relief to taxpayers.”

Supervisor Candland is circulating the “Putting Prince William County Families First” plan to the Board of County Supervisors today, and he will continue to refine the plan with input from the Board.

Click here to view the “Putting Prince William Families First” plan.