Gainesville Budget Committee Honored as Gainesville Heroes

February 20, 2013

In February, I took the opportunity to recognize the volunteers on the Gainesville Budget Committee as “Gainesville Heroes.”

The members of the Gainesville Budget Committee are:

–          Vito Losardo, Chairman

–          Mike High

–          Mac Haddow

–          John Gray

–          Don Metzger

–          Scott Abell

–          Janelle Anderson

–          Steve Merkli

These men and women dedicate countless hours towards reviewing the nearly $1 billion county budget.  Over the past year, the Budget Committee has dedicated countless hours towards researching the county budget and proposing ideas to make county government more efficient and more accountable.  On many Saturdays, members of the Budget Committee can be found on a conference call to discuss the latest budget developments, and during the week they commit time towards researching the nuances of county government spending.  They have come forth with several proposals to reduce spending, diminish residential tax burdens, and reform local government.  They have been instrumental allies to me and to all the taxpayers of the Gainesville District.  Their sacrifice, intellect, and diligence are a benefit to all of us.