Turn the Mill Around Campaign, New Gainesville Heroes

September 5, 2012

Gainesville,VA– Supervisor Pete Candland, named the Turn the Mill Around Campaign as the newest Gainesville Heroes during a ceremony at Chapman’s Mill on Sunday, August 26.

The Turn the Mill Around Campaign is dedicated to preserving and rebuilding the Chapman’s Mill site inWestern PrinceWilliamCounty, near I-66.  Located at a critical point bridging a gap in the Bull Run and Pond Mountains, Chapman’s Mill was important in moving grain and products from the Shenandoah Valley to the Potomac River.

The mill was also witness to several skirmishes and firefights during the First and Second Battles of Manassas.  Over the years, the mill had fallen in disrepair, and in 1998 most of the structure burned during a fire.  More information about Chapman’s Mill and the Turn the Mill Around Campaign can be found at www.chapmansmill.org.

In naming the Turn the Mill Around Campaign the latest Gainesville Hero, Supervisor Candland said, “I am privileged to be here today and bestow our latest Gainesville Hero Award to the Turn the Mill Around Campaign.  Your efforts to preserve Chapman’s Mill and create an historic destination truly make you a Gainesville Hero to not only those present today, but to the future generations who will be able to share in this rich history.”

Supervisor Candland established the Gainesville Hero award to recognize the unique and extraordinary achievements of citizens of the Gainesville District that truly inspire the rest of us to do better, sacrifice more, and become engaged in improving the quality of life in our communities.  The Turn the Mill Around Campaign is the fourth recipient of the Gainesville Hero Award.

James Davis and Pete Candland

From left: Barry Starke, Earl Douple, James Davis, Andrea Currier, Pete Candland, and Dr. Kay McCarron